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AC retrofit

Be Aware: This product is an inverter on its own and does not include a batteries, please see Product Details – Q.HOME-BAT-B6.8S Q.HOME CORE Q.SAVE Battery module 6.8 kWh ( for compatiable batteries.

Highlights of the modular and scalable storage solution

  • Scalable storage solutions from 6,8 kWh up to 20,5 kWh
  • 15 years product warranty
  • Long service life, short charging times and high discharge depth
  • Modular design for quick and easy installation
  • Battery and inverter VDE tested
  • Online Software-Updates
  • 15-year system and performance guarantee
  • ESS operation even at negative temperatures
  • Proven Samsung Lithium-Ion technology (NCA)
  • For retrofit and power to heat solutions
  • Pertection degree / class: IP65

Please note: An energy meter will be required with this product